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P84 Filter Bag

Wholesale P84 Filter Bag – Direct from China!

Introducing our P84 Filter Bag Services – a comprehensive solution to your industry’s rigorous filtration requirements. With our expertise in high-performance filter bags and dedication to customer satisfaction, we offer a range of services tailored to optimize the efficiency and longevity of your P84 Filter Bags. Contact us today to discuss your filtration needs and discover how we can help you achieve cleaner air and enhanced productivity.

  • Why Choose ZhongTing's P84 Filter Bag

• Zhong Ting’s P84 Filter Bags offer exceptional filtration efficiency and capture fine dust particles with reduced emissions.
• These filter bags have an outstanding high-temperature resistance of up to 500°F (260°C).
• P84 filter bags demonstrate superior chemical and abrasion resistance, resulting in prolonged service life.
• Clients can customize these filter bags according to their specific needs.
• Dedicated customer support is available from consultation to installation and maintenance.

Why Choose ZhongTing's P84 Filter Bag

List of Standard Specifications for P84 Filter Bag

SpecificationDetailsUse Cases & Scenarios
MaterialP84 (Polyimide)Industries: Power plants, cement plants, waste incinerators, steel mills, chemical plants, and other high-temperature gas filtration applications.
WeightVaries (typically 450-550 g/m²)Heavier weights provide increased durability and longer service life; lighter weights provide improved filtration efficiency.
DurabilityHigh temperature resistance (up to 260°C continuous, 280°C short-term)Suitable for environments with varying temperatures, including high-temperature gas filtration applications.
DimensionsCustomizable to fit specific filter housing requirementsFilter bags can be designed to fit various filter housings, ensuring proper fit and optimal performance.
Filtration EfficiencyVaries (typically 99.9% or higher)High filtration efficiency ensures the removal of particulates and pollutants from gas streams, improving air quality and reducing emissions.
Air PermeabilityVaries (typically 15-30 m³/m²·min at 200 Pa)Optimal air permeability ensures efficient gas flow and filtration while minimizing pressure drop across the filter bag.
TypePulse jet, reverse air, or shakerThe type of cleaning mechanism used depends on the specific application and operating conditions of the filter bag.
ApplicationsHigh-temperature gas filtrationP84 filter bags are used in various industries where high-temperature gas filtration is required, such as power plants, cement plants, etc.
CertificationsISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001Ensures the P84 filter bag meets international quality, environmental, and safety management standards.
Regulatory ComplianceEU Directive 2000/76/EC, EPA MACT, and local regulationsEnsures the P84 filter bag meets emission control requirements and guidelines set by regulatory bodies.

Note: This table provides a comprehensive overview of the standard specifications for P84 Filter Bags. The information presented here can be used as a reference for choosing the appropriate filter bag based on specific industry requirements and environmental conditions. It is essential to consult us to determine the best filter bag solution for your application.


P84 Filter Bag for Sale

P84 Filter Bag for Sale

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P84 Filter Bag: The Ultimate Guide

The “P84 Filter Bag: The Ultimate Guide” offers a concise yet informative overview of everything you need to know about P84 filter bags. Whether you are an industry professional, a filtration system designer, or simply curious, this guide will be a reliable reference point for all your P84 filter bag-related inquiries. We invite you to explore the following sections and enhance your knowledge of this vital component of modern industrial filtration systems.

What is a P84 filter bag?

What is a P84 filter bag?

Filter bags are an essential component when it comes to air pollution control and dust collection. P84 filter bags are a type of filter bag that is made of polyimide synthetic fiber. The filter bag is highly regarded in the filtration industry due to its exceptional performance and longevity.

What is P84?

P84 is a high-performing synthetic fiber material that is used in the manufacturing of P84 filter bags. The fiber is known for its outstanding durability, high-temperature resistance, and ability to withstand stress. The P84 fiber has excellent filtration efficiency, a low-pressure drop, and can capture the finest micron-sized pollutants.

Properties of P84 Filter Bags

P84 filter bags are highly durable due to the unique structure of the P84 fibers. The filter bags have high tensile and flexural strength, which ensures that they remain in active operation even when subjected to high temperatures and stress. P84 filter bags have high filtration efficiency, and they can capture as much as 99.99% of airborne pollutants, including fine particulate matter.

Where are P84 Filter Bags Used?

P84 filter bags are widely used in many industrial applications, including power generation, cement plants, steel manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. The filter bags are suitable for applications where high-temperature resistance, exceptional filtration efficiency, and durability are required.

What are the Benefits of Using P84 Filter Bags?

P84 filter bags have many benefits over traditional filter bags. These benefits include exceptional performance, high-temperature resistance, and an extended lifespan due to the unique strength of the P84 fibers. P84 filter bags can also help reduce downtime and maintenance costs, as they require less frequent replacement. Additionally, P84 filter bags are an excellent option for improving the quality of the air we breathe by capturing harmful pollutants.

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How do P84 filter bags work?

How do P84 filter bags work?

P84 filter bags work through a process of deep bed filtration, where the particles present in the gas stream are collected by the filter media and accumulate on the surface of the filter bag. The Polyimide fibers in the filter media offer superior filtration efficiency ranging from 99.9% to 99.99%. This makes P84 filter bags an ideal solution for applications where high efficiency and longer filter life are desired.

Principle of Operation

P84 filter bags are made of polyimide fibers that are highly resistant to high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and acidic environments. The filter bags are designed to capture fine particles, including dust, smoke, and other particulate matter, found in the gas stream. This ensures that the air is free from contaminants, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Design of P84 Filter Bags

The design of P84 filter bags incorporates a needle-punched felt filter media, which provides excellent dust cake release and high air permeability. This ensures an extended filter bag life, high filtration efficiency, and reduced energy costs. The filter bags are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing them to fit a variety of applications.

Advantages of P84 Filter Bag Design

P84 filter bags are known for their exceptional filtration performance, longer filter life, and resistance to harsh environments. The filter bags offer superior resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and acidic conditions, making them suitable for use in the most demanding industrial applications. P84 filter bags are also known for their dust cake release, which ensures an extended filter bag life and reduced maintenance costs.

P84 Filter Bag Performance

P84 filter bags deliver exceptional filtration performance, with a filtration efficiency range from 99.9% to 99.99%. The filter bags are highly effective at capturing fine particles, including dust, smoke, and other particulate matter, found in the gas stream. This ensures that the air is free of contaminants, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

How to Choose the Right P84 Filter Bag?

When selecting a P84 filter bag, it is essential to consider the specific industrial application and the gas stream’s composition. The choice of filter bag size, configuration, and felt weight can significantly impact the filter bag’s performance and life. It is recommended to work with a qualified filter bag supplier to determine the best P84 filter bag for a specific application, taking into account operational conditions, gas stream composition, and other critical factors.

Understanding the Advantages of Using P84 Filter Bags in Industrial Applications

Understanding the Advantages of Using P84 Filter Bags in Industrial Applications

Increased Filtration Efficiency

One of the top advantages of using P84 filter bags in industrial applications is their increased filtration efficiency. P84 is a high-performance synthetic fiber material that is composed of polyimide fibers. It has a unique surface structure enables it to capture smaller particles compared to traditional filter bags. Its superior filtration performance, P84 filter bags can effectively eliminate particulate matter, fine dust, and other impurities from industrial gases and air streams.

High-Temperature Resistance

P84 filter bags are also highly resistant to extreme temperatures, making them ideal for high-temperature industrial processes. With a maximum operating temperature of 500°C, P84 filter bags can withstand the harshest operating conditions, such as those in cement, steel, and power generation industries. The material’s excellent thermal and dimensional stability allows it to maintain its shape and performance even when exposed to prolonged periods of high temperature.

Longer Service Life

Another advantage of using P84 filter bags is their longer service life than conventional filter media. P84 filter bags offer superior durability and abrasion resistance, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements. This not only saves money on maintenance costs but also reduces the amount of waste generated by filter bag replacements.

High Filtration Area

P84 filter bags also offer a high filtration area, making them ideal for applications that require high throughput and low-pressure drop. The filter bags have a large surface area, which allows for more excellent contact and capture of contaminants. Regarding design flexibility, P84 filter bags can be customized to meet specific filtration requirements, and their pleated design increases the filter area even further.

Resistance to Chemical Attack

Lastly, P84 filter bags offer excellent resistance to chemical attacks, making them suitable for applications involving corrosive gases or liquids. P84’s high chemical resistance is due to its polyimide structure, which provides high resistance to acids, salts, and other chemical compounds. This feature ensures that the filter bags maintain their integrity and filtration performance even when exposed to harsh chemical environments.

In summary, P84 filter bags offer significant advantages over traditional filter bags due to their superior filtration performance, high-temperature resistance, longer service life, high filtration area, and resistance to chemical attack. These benefits make P84 filter bags an excellent choice for industrial applications that require high-efficiency filtration and durability.

Where are P84 filter bags used?

Where are P84 filter bags used?

In Cement Plants

Cement plants are one of the leading industries where P84 filter bags are used. Bag filters are used in the cement manufacturing process to capture and filter out dust and particulate matter released during cement production. P84 filter bags can withstand the high temperatures associated with cement production, making them an ideal choice for this industry. These filter bags provide high filtration efficiency, improved plant reliability, and reduced emissions.

In Industrial Kilns and Boilers

P84 filter bags have a unique ability to withstand the high temperatures associated with kiln and boiler operations, making them an ideal choice for this industry. Industrial kilns and boilers operate at very high temperatures, and P84 filter bags are proven to withstand heat and maintain their filtration efficiency. P84 filter bags also provide stable pressure drops, lower emissions, and longer service life in high-temperature environments.

In the Asphalt Mixing Industry

In the asphalt mixing industry, P84 filter bags capture and filter out hot and sticky particulate matter released during the production process. The sector demands high-temperature filter bags to withstand the heat generated during asphalt mixing. P84 filter bags provide reliable and long-lasting filtration efficiency and clean air quality, making them a perfect fit for this industry.

In the Coal-Fired Power Industry

The coal-fired power industry requires high-temperature filter bags that can operate at high temperatures and filter out the delicate particulate matter released during electricity production. P84 filter bags are proven to withstand high temperatures and provide exceptional filtration efficiency in coal-fired power plants. They provide reliable and long-lasting performance, reduce emissions, and improve plant efficiency.

In Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants

Chemical and pharmaceutical plants require high-temperature filter bags to capture and filter out hazardous particulate matter released during manufacturing. P84 filter bags are proven to withstand high temperatures and provide excellent filtration efficiency, making them an ideal choice for chemical and pharmaceutical plants. These filter bags offer high air quality, reduced emissions, and long service life, contributing to improved plant reliability and productivity.

In conclusion, P84 filter bags are high-temperature filters made from polyimide fibers with excellent filtration efficiency and long-lasting performance in high-temperature applications. They find application in various industries, including cement plants, industrial kilns and boilers, asphalt mixing sector, coal-fired power industry, and chemical and pharmaceutical plants. P84 filter bags provide reliable and long-lasting filtration efficiency, lower emissions, and improved plant reliability and productivity.

How to maintain and clean P84 filter bags?

How to maintain and clean P84 filter bags?

Best Practices for Maintenance

To ensure maximum performance and longevity, P84 filter bags require regular maintenance. Regular inspection schedules must be established to identify bag replacement times and repair needs. Inspecting bags every six months or more often is recommended, depending on their operating conditions. During inspections, check bag conditions, particularly identifying cracks, holes, or tears, and check the bag fit, ensuring it is tightly secured.

What Type of Cleaning to Use

Cleaning P84 filter bags is an essential part of their maintenance process. However, one must use the appropriate method to protect the bag’s structural integrity and prolong its life. Different cleaning methods are available, including reverse air, pulse jet, shaker, and ultrasonic cleaning. Depending on the circumstances, some plans may be more appropriate than others. It is essential to consider the bag’s condition, chemical or thermal properties, and the nature of the process and dirt to determine the appropriate cleaning method.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Some common problems may arise during the maintenance and cleaning of P84 filter bags. Such issues include bag abrasion, chemical damage, blinding, and structural damage. Abrasion may cause holes resulting from impact damage or abrasive process dust. Chemical damage can often come from process conditions such as high or low pH. Blinding results from dust accumulation on the bag’s surface, blocking the pores and interfering with airflow. Typical methods to prevent such problems include routine inspection schedules, minimizing pulsing or mechanically shaking the bags, and selecting chemical-resistant membrane coatings.

Replacing Old P84 Filter Bags

Even with proper maintenance and cleaning, P84 filter bags have a limited lifespan. P84 filter bags require replacing when their filtration efficiency drops by more than 20 percent or when bags are otherwise structurally damaged. It is best to replace them with new, high-quality P84 filter bags at such times. Replacing bags involves shutting down the filtration system, accessing the filter bag housing, removing the old bags, and installing the new packs.

Requesting A Quote for P84 Filter Bags

When choosing P84 filter bags, requesting a quote from trusted filtration suppliers is crucial. It is best to work with a filtration expert to obtain the suitable filter media and housing selection and adequately size the bag. Also, provide accurate details of operating conditions and required filtration efficiency when requesting a quote, as this can prevent buying sub-optimal filter bags.


Maintaining and cleaning P84 filter bags appropriately can optimize your industrial filtration system’s performance and prolong the bag’s lifespan. When using P84 filter bags, following the recommended inspection and cleaning schedules, using adequate cleaning methods, and requesting a quotation from trusted suppliers is best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a P84 filter bag?

A: A P84 filter bag is a type of filter bag made using polyimide fiber, which has high temperature resistance and excellent particle retention capabilities for industrial air filtration.

Q: What are the advantages of using P84 filter bags?

A: P84 filter bags offer high efficiency filtration, excellent resistance to high temperature and chemical corrosion, and they have a long lifespan. Additionally, they have high filtration precision and a good dust removal effect.

Q: What is needle felt?

A: Needle felt is a non-woven fabric made using fine synthetic fibers, which are mechanically interlocked with each other through a process called needling to form a durable and porous filtration material.

Q: How is PTFE used in filter bags?

A: PTFE is a highly effective material for filter bags because of its hydrophobic nature, which allows it to repel liquids. This makes it ideal for use in industrial applications where there is a need to filter out liquid contaminants.

Q: What is a dust collector?

A: A dust collector is a machine used to clean the air in a workplace or environment by removing dust particles and other impurities from the air. Dust collectors are commonly used in industries such as coal and metalworking.

Q: What is a dust collector filter bag?

A: A dust collector filter bag is a device used to collect dust particles and other impurities from the air in a dust collector. They are made of filtration materials such as needle felt, polyester, or PTFE, and are sewn into filter bags.

Q: What is filtration?

A: Filtration is the process of removing impurities from a fluid or gas by using a filter medium that allows the fluid or gas to flow through it while trapping unwanted particles or substances.

Q: What is a filter cloth?

A: A filter cloth is a material made from woven or non-woven fibers, which are used to filter out solid particles from a fluid or gas. It is commonly used in applications such as air and liquid filtration.

Q: What is an industrial dust collector?

A: An industrial dust collector is a machine used to remove airborne pollutants, such as dust, from the air in an industrial environment. It helps to improve air quality and reduce the risk of health problems to workers in the area.

Q: What are the most common materials used for filter bags?

A: The most common materials used for filter bags are polyester, fiberglass, PTFE, PPS, aramid, and polyimide, each having their unique advantages and applications in industrial air filtration.

Q: How to request a quote for P84 filter bags?

A: To request a quote for P84 filter bags, you can contact the manufacturer or supplier of the product, either by phone, email, or online through their website. Provide necessary information such as the quantity needed, required product specifications, and delivery location.

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